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Picture of students on climbing structure.
Picture of four boys sitting on curb, smiling.
Group of boys making funny faces.
Los Ranchos Class Tiles
Los Ranchos Mosaic

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Program Highlights

Vision and Mission

We Take Care Of Ourselves, 
We Take Care Of Each Other, 
We Take Care Of This Place, 

Innovation Lab

Our Foundation funded Innovation Labs in each elementary school, helping our youth use technology for creative and academic achievement. Our Foundation works collaboratively and creatively to ensure student success in a supportive environment. 

Million Word Reader

Every year the students at Los Ranchos are challenged to read a million words to promote the power of reading.   Students must pass Accelerated Reader (AR) quizzes on the books they read, which assesses the content comprehension of books read by students. 

Welcome New Roadrunners

We welcome new students with "New Roadrunner Lunches" and an opportunity to meet other new students!

Los Ranchos Garden

 One Cool Earth provides students with lessons in our garden which align with our science curriculum. This provides real life experience in a garden setting and brings lessons to life. 

School Council

The organization works collaboratively and creatively to ensure student success in a supportive environment. Decisions are made with stakeholder input and participation. Collegial dialogue and civil discourse around challenging problems are encouraged. Successes are recognized and celebrated.

Los Ranchos In Video

Los Ranchos Welcome
Welcome to the Innovation Lab